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CUB Energy Saver

Get rewards for lowering your electric bill

How does it work?

  1. 1

    Join the CUB Energy Saver program

    We will link your ComEd account and track your actual energy usage to calculate your monthly savings.

  2. 2

    Learn the best ways to save

    Create your personalized energy savings plan to reduce your energy usage.

  3. 3

    Cash in your savings for rewards

    Get rewarded with rewards points for reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Redeem points at top national and local retailers.

CUB Energy Saver Partners

  • Citizens Utility Board
  • Efficiency 2.0

Everyone saves

  • $40
    Replacing an old dryer
    Marvin from Franklin Park
  • $26
    Switching to CFL lightbulbs
    Elaine from Chicago
  • $65
    Turning coffee maker off after brewing
    Lance from Glenview
  • $11
    Reducing light use
    Pat from Chicago
  • $26
    Unplugging entertainment system
    Paul from Arlington Heights