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How It Works

A free and simple program that helps you reduce your carbon footprint

Join CUB Energy Saver

CUB Energy Saver gives you free online tools to put energy saving ideas into practice and get rewarded for making smarter decisions.

Learn About Energy Saving Actions

Get trusted energy savings recommendations you can act on. Location, weather and your home profile are factored to make them personalized to you.

See Your Savings Every Month

Save real money and get rewarded for making smarter choices. Each month we send you an email showing how much you have saved and how many rewards points you have earned.

Get Rewarded for Saving

Every month when you have verified savings on your electric bill, you'll automatically receive two points for every kilowatt hour (kWh) saved. You can redeem points for great discounts at favorite stores like Footlocker, Omaha Steaks, FTD, and Sears.

Join CUB Energy Saver

A free program to help ComEd customers reduce electric use.

Join CUB Energy Saver

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Completely Free: CUB is providing this service to you for free, so we don’t need to charge you a dime. The more energy you save, the more money you keep in your wallet!