Entergy Speedpay – Convenient Ways to Pay Your Bill

Paying your monthly Entergy bill just got a whole lot easier thanks to Speedpay. With Speedpay, you can now pay your Entergy bill right from your smartphone in just a few taps without having to log in. Speedpay offers two convenient phone payment options – Pay by Text and Pay by moBillsTM mobile wallet. Both options only cost a small $1.60 convenience fee per transaction. Read on to learn how Speedpay makes managing your Entergy account faster and more convenient than ever.

An Overview of Speedpay

Pay Online – Without Logging In

Speedpay is a fast, easy way to pay your Entergy bill right from your smartphone. It is powered by ACI Worldwide and offered by Entergy to give customers convenient phone payment options.

The two Speedpay options are:

  • Pay by Text: Pay your bill via text message from any cell phone.
  • Pay by moBillsTM: Pay from your iPhone or Android phone’s built-in mobile wallet.

Speedpay allows you to securely pay your bill without having to log in or manually enter payment info each time. Once set up, making a payment only takes a few taps. You can also receive helpful reminders about upcoming payments.

Speedpay offers the ultimate in convenience and ease for Entergy customers. Keep reading to learn more about how each payment option works.

Pay by Text

Pay by Text allows you to easily pay your Entergy bill through SMS text messages from any mobile phone. Here’s an overview of how it works:

How Pay by Text Works

  • Receive a notification text: 7 days before your bill is due, you’ll get a text asking if you want to pay.
  • Reply “YES ETR” to pay: Respond to the text with “YES ETR” to confirm and authorize your payment.
  • Get a confirmation text: You’ll receive a text back confirming that your payment was processed.

It’s that easy! Once set up, the entire process takes just a few text messages.

How to Enroll in Pay by Text

Enrolling in Pay by Text only takes three simple steps:

  1. Go to the Pay by Text enrollment page on Entergy’s website.
  2. Create your Pay by Text profile and agree to the terms.
  3. Receive a confirmation text (for iPhones) or confirmation prompt (for Androids) to complete enrollment.

And that’s it – you’re ready to start paying your bills through text!

Pay by Text Benefits

Pay by Text offers these key benefits:

  • Fast – Make a payment in just a few text messages.
  • Easy – No need to login or enter payment details once setup.
  • Helpful – Get text reminders when your bill is coming due.
  • Convenient – Pay from any mobile phone with SMS capabilities.
  • Secure – Your payment info is encrypted and protected.

Pay by Text takes the hassle out of paying your monthly Entergy bill.

Pay by moBillsTM Mobile Wallet

Pay by moBills allows you to pay your Entergy bill directly from your phone’s built-in mobile wallet – Apple Wallet for iPhones or Google Pay for Androids.

How moBills Works

  • Get a notification: You’ll get an alert when your monthly bill is ready for payment.
  • Open mobile wallet: Review your bill summary and amount due.
  • Pay with a tap: Authorize your mobile wallet app to make the payment.

That’s all there is to it! moBills leverages your phone’s existing capabilities for easy bill pay.

How to Enroll in moBills

Adding your Entergy bill to moBills takes just three steps:

  1. Click the enrollment button for your phone type: Apple Wallet or Google Pay.
  2. Enter your Entergy account number and state.
  3. Follow the prompts to add your bill to your mobile wallet.

Once enrolled, your bill will appear each month for quick payment via Apple/Google Pay.

moBills Benefits

Paying through moBills offers these perks:

  • Fast – Pay in seconds with a single tap.
  • Easy – Payment info is stored in your secure mobile wallet.
  • Automatic – Get reminders when your bill is ready.
  • Convenient – Pay right from your smartphone.
  • Secure – Leverages your phone’s built-in encryption.

moBills provides and easy, automated way to stay on top of your Entergy payments.

What is the Speedpay Convenience Fee?

Both Speedpay options charge a small $1.60 convenience fee per transaction. This fee goes to ACI Worldwide to cover the costs of providing the Speedpay service and is not revenue for Entergy. The convenience fee allows Entergy to offer Speedpay as a fast, simple phone payment option.

Speedpay Payment Tips

Here are some tips to get the most convenience and value out of Speedpay:

  • Enroll in auto-pay through Speedpay to avoid late fees.
  • Use text or email reminders to help remember when your bill is due.
  • Pay early in your bill’s due date window to avoid last-minute stresses.
  • Set payment notifications to go to multiple devices as a failsafe.
  • Take advantage of the convenience to pay anytime, anywhere right from your phone.
  • Budget the $1.60 transaction fee into your monthly Entergy costs.

The Convenience of Speedpay

In today’s digital world, convenience is king. With Speedpay, Entergy has made paying your utility bill easier than ever thanks to fast, simple phone payment options.

Speedpay allows busy customers to pay their bill without logging in or pulling out their wallets. If you frequently forget or delay paying your Entergy bill, Speedpay is the solution. Sign up for text or mobile wallet payments to simplify your monthly bill management.

Thanks to Speedpay, paying your Entergy utility bill is now a breeze. Ditch the headaches of tracking logins and checking your payment status. With just a few quick taps on your phone, your bill can be paid almost instantly. Speedpay offers the speed, ease, and automation you need to conquer bill pay and avoid those late fees.

Try Speedpay from Entergy for maximum convenience and take control of your utility payments today!

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