How Soon Will Alabama Power Disconnect Your Electric Service?

Getting your power disconnected can be stressful and inconvenient. Knowing how long you have before Alabama Power disconnects your service can help you avoid interruption and get back on track with paying your bill. Here’s what to know about how soon Alabama Power will disconnect your electric service if you miss a payment.

When Disconnection Can Occur

Alabama Power can disconnect service if a bill is not paid by the due date. However, they do not disconnect service immediately after a missed payment.

  • Bills are due on the date printed on your monthly statement, usually 20 days after the statement is mailed.
  • If your bill is not paid by the due date, a disconnect notice will be sent stating disconnection will occur in 10 days if the past due amount is not paid.
  • After 10 days from the notice, if payment still has not been made, Alabama Power can disconnect service.

So the earliest your power could be disconnected is 30 days after your original bill was mailed. Alabama Power provides notices and time to pay before disconnection occurs.

Disconnection Timeframes

While Alabama Power can disconnect anytime after 30 days, disconnections primarily happen:

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Friday: 8 AM – 11:30 AM

Service is not disconnected on weekends or holidays. The company also suspends disconnections during extreme hot and cold weather.

Disconnections are more common at the beginning and end of the month when many customers receive paychecks. However, Alabama Power may disconnect any weekday if payment has not been made.

Reconnection Process

If your power has been disconnected, getting reconnected simply involves:

  • Paying the full past due amount on your account
  • Paying a reconnection fee

The reconnection fee depends on when you make the payment:

  • $50 if paid before 5 PM
  • $75 if paid between 5-7 PM

Payments made by 7 PM will have power restored the same day. Payments after 7 PM will be reconnected the next business day.

You can pay online, by phone, or at authorized payment locations. Paying at Alabama Power’s office or mailing a check will delay reconnection. Once payment processes, the order to restore service is automatically generated.

Avoiding Disconnection

You can take steps to avoid having your power disconnected by Alabama Power:

  • Pay on time – Pay bills by the due date to avoid late fees and notices. Sign up for reminders about due dates.
  • Make partial payments – If you can’t pay the full amount, partial payments will stop disconnection. Continue making payments until the balance is paid.
  • Enroll in Budget Billing – This program averages costs over the year to provide the same bill amount each month. This makes bills more predictable.
  • Apply for assistance – Programs like Project Share can help pay your bill if you qualify. Alabama Power also offers payment arrangements.
  • Notify Alabama Power – If you’re struggling to pay, call them immediately to discuss options to maintain service. Don’t wait until disconnection occurs.

Disconnection only happens after missing at least one payment and not making arrangements to pay. Staying in touch with Alabama Power and making payments can prevent getting disconnected.

Disconnection Exceptions

Alabama Power does not disconnect residential customers in certain situations:

  • If a doctor certifies that disconnection would create a life-threatening medical situation
  • If all residents are over 65 years old
  • If extreme weather occurs (below 32°F or above 95°F)
  • On weekends, holidays, or the day before a holiday

In these cases, customers must still pay past due amounts to avoid disconnection later. The exceptions provide some extra time before disconnection can happen.


  • Alabama Power can disconnect 30+ days after a missed payment
  • Disconnections primarily occur Monday-Friday during business hours
  • To reconnect: Pay the full past due amount and reconnection fee
  • Avoid disconnection by paying on time, making partial payments, enrolling in billing programs, and contacting Alabama Power
  • Certain exceptions exist where Alabama Power will not disconnect service

Knowing Alabama Power’s disconnection process and timeline allows you to stay on top of your electric account. Communicating with them and making payments will help avoid getting your power shut off.

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