El Paso Electric New Service: A Guide to Getting Started

Getting set up with electric service for your new home or business is an important process. This guide will walk you through starting service with El Paso Electric, the major provider serving West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

Applying for New Service is Simple

Applying for new electric service from El Paso Electric is a straightforward process whether you’re a residential or commercial customer. On their New Customers page, you can quickly fill out an online form with basic details like your name, address, contact information and requested start date.

El Paso Electric aims for prompt turnaround, processing website submissions within two business days. You’ll then be contacted by a customer service representative to finalize account setup and payment arrangements. With over 100 years in the industry, El Paso Electric prides itself on reliable, affordable electricity and excellent customer service every step of the way.

Service Start Date and Meter Installation

When applying, El Paso Electric will note your requested start date for service initiation. A meter technician will then contact you to schedule installation within a few business days beforehand. At the appointed time, the technician will inspect your property, mount the digital meter and flip the switch to activate power.

For new construction, El Paso Electric recommends applying 2-4 weeks before the projected completion date. This allows time for meter installation before you need electricity. Temporary or permanent power may incur additional charges depending on your setup.

Account Management and Billing

Once connected, El Paso Electric will mail you a welcome packet with account and billing details. Customers can manage their account online at any time to review usage history, payment status, rate schedules and more. Paperless billing options exist for convenience.

Residential rates follow a tiered pricing structure while commercial rates vary by demand and consumption levels. Bills are sent monthly based on meter readings. Multiple payment methods like auto-pay, checks, cash and electronic transfers keep it simple to pay on time each cycle.

Additional Services for Your Home or Business

Beyond basic service initiation, El Paso Electric provides other solutions customers may need:

  • Service Upgrades – Increase capacity for additional appliances, electronics or expanded facilities.
  • Transfer Service – Authorize continued power when moving within their coverage area. Simply provide addresses and dates.
  • Start/Stop Temporary Service – Short-term options exist for events, construction/renovations, vacancy periods and more.
  • Assistance Programs – Utility discounts are available for qualifying income-restricted households or medical needs.
  • Outage Reporting – Report downed lines or outages 24/7 through their mobile app or website for quick response.
  • Rebate Programs – Incentives encourage energy efficiency upgrades and sustainable power options.

With clear guidance online and dedicated customer support, El Paso Electric aims to make getting set up with electric service as simple and seamless as possible every step of the way. Their streamlined approach handles all your needs conveniently in one trusted location.

That covers the essential details for starting new electric service with El Paso Electric. Let me know if you have any other questions! Proper planning will ensure a smooth process.

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