All You Need to Know About GA Power PrePay

Georgia Power offers a convenient PrePay rate plan that allows customers to pay for electricity as they use it. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the GA Power PrePay plan, including how it works, how to enroll, benefits, features, and frequently asked questions.

How GA Power PrePay Works

The PrePay rate from Georgia Power is a pay-as-you-go option that gives you more control over your electricity costs and budget.

  • Deposit Funds: Add money to your PrePay account whenever you like, either online, through the mobile app, by phone, or at authorized payment locations.
  • Use Electricity: Your account balance decreases daily as you use electricity.
  • Get Notified: Receive alerts when your balance is getting low so you know when to add more funds.
  • Repeat: Continue adding money to your account as needed to pay for your ongoing electricity usage.

How to Enroll in GA Power PrePay

Signing up for PrePay is quick and easy:

  • Call the PrePay enrollment line at 1-877-506-3905.
  • Provide your full name, address, and Social Security Number or photo ID. New customers also need proof of residency.
  • Get a smart meter installed if you don’t already have one. This allows your usage to be monitored and deducted from your balance.
  • Add funds to begin using electricity under the PrePay plan!

Benefits and Features of GA Power PrePay

Choosing PrePay from Georgia Power gives you a range of advantages:

  • Payment flexibility – Make payments when convenient for you.
  • No deposit or credit check – PrePay requires no upfront deposit or credit check.
  • No reconnect fees – With prepaid service, there’s no cost to restore service after payments lapse.
  • Balance alerts – Get notifications when your balance is low via text, email, or automated call.
  • Pay down debt – Allocate a portion of payments to payoff past due amounts over time.
  • Account management – Monitor usage and payments 24/7 through online and mobile access.
  • Easy payments – Add funds conveniently online, by phone, or at over 4,000 authorized payment locations.

Frequently Asked Questions About GA Power PrePay

Is it easy to enroll in PrePay?

Yes, enrolling is quick and simple! Just call the toll-free number, provide some basic information, and get a smart meter installed if you don’t already have one.

What are the requirements for PrePay?

The only requirement is having a smart meter at your location, which Georgia Power will install if you don’t already have one. PrePay is not available if a smart meter can’t be installed.

Do you have to pay a deposit for PrePay?

No deposit or credit check is required. Existing deposits on your account will be applied to any outstanding balance first, then the remainder to your PrePay balance.

How do you check your PrePay account balance?

You can check your current balance at any time through the online account management portal or mobile app. You’ll also receive regular balance notifications via text, email, or phone.

What happens if your PrePay balance reaches zero?

Your power will be safely disconnected if the account reaches a zero balance. Service will be restored once you add funds to your PrePay account.


GA Power’s PrePay program provides a flexible and convenient way to pay for electricity based on your actual usage. With features like account management tools, balance alerts, no deposit, and straightforward enrollment, PrePay gives you greater control over your energy costs. Contact Georgia Power today to learn more and sign up for PrePay service.

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